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Male Chastity Contract

Chastity Contact

This is an agreement by which Goddess Gypsy Witch assumes full ownership and control of the chastity and body of the slave, whereby Goddess Gypsy Witch is the chastity key holder and the slave is the chastity device wearer. To enter into a key holder agreement with Goddess Gypsy Witch, you must read, understand and agree to the following conditions. This Contract is binding once the contract at http://www.ilovechastity.com is accepted by the slave.


Goddess Gypsy Witch, henceforth referred to as “Goddess,” will have total 24/7 control of the slave in every aspect and as follows:

A. The slave submits ownership of his body, mind and genitals to Goddess as her property. Goddess takes complete control of the slave’s genitals. Any actions by the slave, including but not limited to fondling, touching, and stimulating Goddess's newly acquired property without her consent are prohibited. However, Goddess has free reign to do whatever she desires with her property.

B. The slave is to wear a chastity device for the following purposes:
1) To provide quality versus quantity to the sexual experience.
2) To inhibit or terminate masturbation by the slave.
3)To artfully cause and inflame the slave's sexual desperation
4) To be an aid to the slave preventing uncontrolled sexual intercourse.
5) To affirm mutual couple commitment, togetherness and quality of life.
6) To modify behavior or habits considered inappropriate or unacceptable by Goddess.
7) To satisfy the slave's innate need/desire to be kept chaste.

C. Goddess will ultimately decide when/if permission to orgasm will be granted based on variables such as infractions of these terms, the convenience of the orgasm to be granted, or Goddess’s general overall mood to grant permission.

D. The slave submits to the use and wearing of a locking chastity device to ensure that Goddess’s newly acquired property is kept secure and denies access to the slave’s ability to break the terms of his chastity. Goddess will keep all keys in a secured manner. The slave is not authorized to touch any of Goddess’s keys. The slave will only be allowed to open the chastity belt in the case of an extreme emergency. Goddess will review the emergency and decide whether the emergency was excusable. An inexcusable emergency will be met with punishment.

E. When Goddess decides the chastity device may be taken off for hygiene and maintenance purposes, Goddess will decide if she will be the one who performs the cleaning of her property, or if she will trust the slave with the task. In the event the slave is not physically in the presence of Goddess, all hygienic and maintenance duties will be performed on web cam so that Goddess can observe the slave as he performs said duties.

F. The chastity device may be taken off, at any time Goddess decides, and for any reason Goddess desires.
G. The slave does not have authority to remove the chastity device from Goddess’s property for any reason. Any unauthorized removal of the chastity device without express permission by Goddess will be deemed theft of Goddess's property and punishment will be severe. The slave may however, submit a request in writing (snail mail, email or IM) for removal of the chastity device explaining the reason or reasons for removal, but ultimately Goddess will decide on the approval of the request.

H. Requests to remove the chastity device for a doctor's appointment or other foreseeable event where the device might not be worn must be submitted to the Goddess in writing one (1) week in advance. Requests to remove the chastity device for hygiene or maintenance must be submitted to the Goddess in writing at least one (1) day in advance. Failure to meet these requirements will meet with punishment and denial of the request.

I. The slave is prohibited from asking or begging for permission in removing the chastity device for the sake of his sexual satisfaction. To do so will result in fines or other penalties.

J. The slave is fully versed in both, short and long term health risks of such a chastity device and without reservation or duress accepts said risks.

K. The slave acknowledges that such a device may create embarrassing or otherwise humiliating situations either in private or in public and without reservation or duress freely accepts such situations, including security and medical situations as a real and desired part of a chastity life.

L. Goddess has the right to ask or demand any reasonable favor from the slave without any form of defiance. The slave has the right to explain any disagreement of the favor, but Goddess ultimately has the final word in the ruling of the appeal.

M. Goddess has total access to the slave's body for her amusement and for sexual stimulation or not of the slave as she sees fit. This is to include anal play on the slave with any or all items including but not limited to vibrators, dildos, anal plugs, enemas, CBT, nipple play, mental stimulation and anything else that Goddess wishes regardless of it not being specifically covered by this agreement.

O. The slave will not access any adult material or pornography in any form, nor may he request such access. The Goddess will control or staunch the slave's flow of adult material and pornography. She may assign the slave such tasks that will require him to access such materials.

P. The slave shall keep a diary for the period of the agreement. He shall accurately log unauthorized orgasms and frequency of erections whilst honestly reflecting on his chastity. Failure to keep an up to date diary will be punished. Under terms of property, this diary is owned by the Goddess and may be used in any way deemed appropriate, by Her. This includes the circulation, publication or broadcast in part or full. Similarly all photographs taken either by the Goddess or slave of the device or practices relating to the device remain the sole property of the Goddess.

Q. Early Termination, aka “Wimp Out:” Should the slave terminates his chastity contract prior to the scheduled time of release (regardless of reason), he shall be added to Goddess’s “Wall of Shame,” for all to bear witness of the slave’s lack of fortitude.

R. Slave shall provide Goddess with a list of all sexually related web sites he belongs to as well as the passwords to such accounts so that Goddess can monitor his activities and interactions with other members of the site. There are NO exceptions to this.

S. Slave will not approach other Dominants with the intention of offering their services, requesting to be considered or owned, to be kept in chastity, or anything else while under contract to Goddess. Deceitfulness will result in immediate termination and slave's name will added to Goddess's Wall of Shame. 

T. Goddess has the authority to amend any of the terms listed above, at any time, and without the slave’s agreement.

Goddess can administer punishment whenever or wherever, at any time without any reason what so ever. Accordingly, this can be as many as she likes or as hard as she likes. Goddess does acknowledge that while She can and will deliver punishments without warning or explanation, they will never be undeserved by the slave.

A. If the slaves touches or fondles his Goddess’s acquired property without her permission, an additional four (4) weeks will be added to the chastity period Goddess was thinking about, further this will get slave a punishment of Goddess's choice.

B. If the slave has an unauthorized orgasm any time during the chastity period:
1. He must lick up his mess, wet dream or not.
2. He must submit to a punishment of what ever Goddess decides.
3. In addition, the chastity period will increase by eight (8) weeks over on the original day or release date.

C. If the slave has any uncontrollable form of orgasm during the chastity period (i.e., wet dreams, etc.); the slave will immediately report the incident to Goddess, who has the right to apply the original punishment for unauthorized orgasm, or she can waive any kind of punishment. The slave has no rights to appeal in Goddess’s final decision.

D. Any unauthorized removal of the chastity device from the Goddess’s property, tampering with the chastity device, stealing of the Goddess’s keys, without the Goddess’s approval of the incident will be met with the following punishment:
1. Automatic forfeiture of orgasm for 42 days (six weeks) from the time that the infraction occurred.
2. Punishment from Goddess.
3. Hard smacks to the testicles, Goddess to decide how many.
4. Goddess will notify the slave if she wants to continue in his orgasm denial program.

F. If the slave fails to do any of the personal assistance duties, including, any additional personal assistance, he will receive:
1. 7 days (one week) added on to the current chastity period for each infraction.
2. Punishment from a paddle, by Goddess for each infraction.

G. Goddess has the authority to amend any of the punishments and consequences listed above. The slave has none.


A. Goddess will furnish slave with five (5) numbered plastic security seal “locks.”

B. Due to safety considerations, slave will obtain a tamper-proof box with a latch that can be secured with one of the security seals. Slave will send Goddess one key and upon Her receipt of it, She will require slave to place his emergency key inside the box and seal it with one of the security seals while She watches via web cam. Goddess will record the number on assigned to the box. Slave will provide proof the box has not been tampered with via web cam any and every time Goddess demands it.

C. At the same time slave secures his emergency key in the box, he will also doubly secure his chastity device with one of the numbered security seals while Goddess watches. Goddess will record the number on assigned to the device. She will require visual proof from time to time to assure Herself the slave is in compliance.

Goddess has the sole right to cancel this binding agreement at any time


A. Slave will send Goddess a daily photograph of his chastity device with the security seal clearly visible via text or email by the time specified by Goddess.

B. Random photographs may be requested by Goddess at any time.

C. At Goddess's discretion, She will send the slave a “Word of the Day,” code via email or text and the slave will write the word on a piece of paper and photograph it next to his caged penis.

D. Again at Goddess's sole discretion, random web cam video clips will be required of the slave. These clips are to be long enough to show the security seal is securely in place and not broken.

A. Base Tribute:
1) For Confinement of 7 days (1Week) or less: $20.00 to be paid in advance
2) Monthly/Long Term Confinement: $75.00 first month to be paid in advance, then successive payments due on the First of the Month.
3) Approved and supervised release from device without an orgasm: $15.00
4) Approved and supervised release from device with a guided orgasm: $25.00
5) Early Termination aka Wimp Out fee: $200.00 to be paid prior to key being returned to
the slave. Early terminations is determined when the slave requests either by snail mail, text, email or IM to be released from his chastity contract. More than 48 hour of unauthorized release from chastity device constitutes early termination as well.
6) To reinstate contract after early termination: $50.00
7) Unauthorized removal of the device: $100.00
8( Any non-compliance of terms: failure to provide verification on time; $10.00; Emergency release (for any reason); $25.00


A. Goddess will always keeps the slave’s welfare uppermost in her mind and during any or all play or punishment sessions.

B. Goddess derives pleasure in keeping slaves in chastity and will endeavor to keep the experience pleasurable and emotionally rewarding for the slave.

C. Goddess will keep all personal information She learns about Her slave in strict confidentiality. She will never use what She knows about Her slave to his disadvantage.


The slave submits to the Contract and to associated treatments hereunder entirely of his own free will and volition and for his own personal, private and non-expressed reasons. The slave enters into the Contract solely and entirely at his own risk. The slave (I), for myself, my heirs, my assigns, and all other parties of any description, hereby agree to hold harmless, and release from all liability of any kind, Goddess and all other participants in these activities.
By accepting the contract at http://www.ilovechastity.com I agree to the terms and conditions listed above. I authorize this agreement to take effect on the day of acceptance, further this agreement is binding on me and me alone for as long as Goddess so desires.
Name of slave:_____________________________________
Signature of slave :_________________________________

Address: _________________________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________________


Date: _____________________________________________

Mail is received at:  Gypsy Witch

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